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Title Passing on biodiversity data to decision makers and the public for sustainable land use planning and education. Examples from Morocco and West Africa.

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Short title Passing on biodiversity data in Morocco and West Africa.

Author(s) Kampmann, D.(1); Koenig, K.(1); Finckh, M.(2)

Presenting author Kampmann, Dorothea

Institution(s) (1) Dept. of Physical Geography, University of Frankfurt, M.; (2) Biocentre Klein Flottbek, University of Hamburg;

Keywords Atlas; biodiversity conservation; protected areas; resource management; spatial information;

Abstract In the first two phases of BIOTA extensive data on biodiversity have been collected and compiled in following manifold basic and applied research goals. In BIOTA Maroc and West this information is going to be made accessible in an adapted style and therefore applicable to decision makers on the political level, to planers and managers of protected areas, and to the educated public for environmental education.
On the basis of field data, remote sensing and modeling techniques BIOTA Maroc has developed tools for supporting sustainable land use and resource management. The definition of core protection zones of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Oasis du sud Marocain” is such an application already put into practice.
In BIOTA West a comprehensive Atlas on biodiversity for the participating countries is being compiled. It will depict driving forces for biodiversity, give information about the status quo of biodiversity there and discuss protection strategies of today and tomorrow. The Atlas will also give insight into methods of biodiversity research.

Congress Topic Capacity development

Topic No. 5.2
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