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Title CoCE - Conservation and use of the wild populations of Coffea arabica in the montane rainforests of Ethiopia

Short title CoCE

Author(s) Denich, M.(1); Gole, T.W.(2); Gatzweiler, F.(1); Balcha, G.(3); Vlek, P.L.G.(1)

Presenting author Denich, M.

Institution(s) (1) ZEF, University of Bonn, Germany; (2) ECFF, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; (3) IBC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Keywords Floristic diversity, genetic diversity, economic value, implementation

Abstract Coffea arabica originates from Southwest Ethiopia, where its wild populations naturally occur in the understory of the montane rainforests at altitudes between 1,000 and 2,100 m. Wild Arabica coffee is not only consumed by local people, but it is also a cash crop for the local as well as the international specialty market. Above all, it is a unique gene pool for national and international coffee breeding, due to its high natural genetic diversity. The CoCE project’s aims are to assess the diversity and the economic value of the montane rainforests and the wild coffee gene pool, and to develop concepts for conservation and use of the wild coffee populations in its center of diversity. These concepts include (1) the conservation of the genetic diversity of the wild Arabica coffee populations, (2) the conservation of the species diversity of the montane rainforests, and (3) the sustainable use of wild coffee by the local population. These objectives require an interdisciplinary approach, integrating natural sciences, economics and social sciences. Accordingly, the CoCE project carried out vegetation studies, forest mapping, molecular genetic analyses, phytopathological and ecophysiological surveys, quality screening, a valuation of the forest and the coffee gene pool as well as institutional analyses. The results of these activities are the basis for achieving CoCE's implementation-oriented goals, such as (1) establishing a protected area for wild coffee and its forest habitat, (2) developing a coffee forest information system, (3) establishing in-situ gene banks for the conservation of wild coffee genetic resources, (4) developing a certification scheme for wild coffee, and (5) working out concepts for environmental and conservation education and public awareness raising.

Congress Topic Coffee project

Topic No. 6.1
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