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Fruit flies - Kakamega Forest

A total of 137 species of Tephritidae are recognized from Kakamega Forest and the surrounding area of which at least 25 (18%) are undescribed, or were so when this study began. These species represent 14 tribes and 59 genera from the four subfamilies of Tephritidae. Over half of these species are Tephritinae, most of which breed in flowers.

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  Subfamily Scientific name Tribe Genus Species Author Fruit flower hosts ID
  Blepharoneurinae Baryglossa sp. unknown Baryglossa sp. Fl_1
  Phytalmiinae Aethiothemara trigona Hendel Acanthonevrini Aethiothemara trigona Hendel Fl_2
  Phytalmiinae Sosiopsila sp. cf. metadacus (Speiser) Phytalmiini Sosiopsila sp. cf. metadacus (Speiser) Fl_4
  Phytalmiinae Ptiliniola edwardsi Munro Acanthonevrini Ptiliniola edwardsi Munro Fl_3
  Tephritinae Antoxya oxynoides (Bezzi) Tephritini Antoxya oxynoides (Bezzi) Fl_112
  Tephritinae Eutretosoma sp. nov. B Schistopterini Eutretosoma sp. nov. Fl_88
  Tephritinae Scedella spp. Tephritini Scedella spp. Fl_127
  Tephritinae Hyaloctoides semiater (Loew) Pliomelaenini Hyaloctoides semiater (Loew) Fl_73
  Tephritinae Campiglossa sp. Tephritini Campiglossa sp. Fl_113
  Tephritinae Nigroptera nigra (Bezzi) Schistopterini Nigroptera nigra (Bezzi) Aspilia sp. Fl_89
  Tephritinae Spathulina acroleuca (Schiner) Tephritini Spathulina acroleuca (Schiner) Fl_128
  Tephritinae Platomma nigrantior Munro Pliomelaenini Platomma nigrantior Munro Fl_74
  Tephritinae Campiglossa ignobilis (Loew) Tephritini Campiglossa ignobilis (Loew) Fl_114
  Tephritinae Stelladesis lamborni (Munro) Tephritini Stelladesis lamborni (Munro) Fl_129
  Tephritinae Pliomelaena brevifrons (Bezzi) Pliomelaenini Pliomelaena brevifrons (Bezzi) Fl_75
  Tephritinae Dectodesis sp. nov. Tephritini Dectodesis sp. nov. Fl_115
  Tephritinae Nigroptera sp. nov. A Schistopterini Nigroptera sp. nov. Fl_90
  Tephritinae Metasphenisca sp. Tephrellini Metasphenisca sp. Fl_100
  Tephritinae Pliomelaena brevifrons (Bezzi) var. xyphosiina Bezzi Pliomelaenini Pliomelaena brevifrons (Bezzi) Fl_76
  Tephritinae Dectodesis sp. cf. auguralis (Bezzi) Tephritini Dectodesis sp. cf. auguralis (Bezzi) Fl_116
  Tephritinae Nigroptera sp. nov. B Schistopterini Nigroptera sp. nov. Fl_91
  Tephritinae Stelladesis sp. nov. nr. lutescens (Bezzi) Tephritini Stelladesis sp. nov. nr. lutescens (Bezzi) Fl_130
  Tephritinae Metasphenisca sp. cf. frondifer (Munro) Tephrellini Metasphenisca sp. cf. frondifer (Munro) Fl_101
  Tephritinae Pliomelaena sp. cf. discosa Munro Pliomelaenini Pliomelaena sp. cf. discosa Fl_77
  Tephritinae Dectodesis sp. cf. hexapoda (Bezzi) Tephritini Dectodesis sp. cf. hexapoda (Bezzi) Fl_117
  Tephritinae Rhochmopterum lutescens (Bezzi) Schistopterini Rhochmopterum lutescens (Bezzi) Bothriocline tomentosa Fl_92
  Tephritinae Stelladesis woodi (Bezzi) Tephritini Stelladesis woodi (Bezzi) Fl_131
  Tephritinae Ocnerioxyna sp. cf. hemilea Séguy Tephrellini Ocnerioxyna sp. cf. hemilea Séguy Fl_102
  Tephritinae Pliomelaena sp. B Pliomelaenini Pliomelaena sp. Fl_78
  Tephritinae Dioxyna sororcula (Wiedemann) Tephritini Dioxyna sororcula (Wiedemann) Fl_118
  Tephritinae Rhochmopterum sp. nov. Schistopterini Rhochmopterum sp. nov. Gutenbergia cordifolia Fl_93
  Tephritinae Telaletes sp. Tephritini Telaletes sp. Munro Fl_132
  Tephritinae Cryptophorellia flava Freidberg & Hancock Axiothaumini Cryptophorellia flava Freidberg & Hancock Fl_64
  Tephritinae Ocnerioxyna maripilosa (Munro) Tephrellini Ocnerioxyna maripilosa (Munro) Fl_103
  Tephritinae Pseudafreutreta biseriata (Bezzi) Pliomelaenini Pseudafreutreta biseriata (Bezzi) Fl_79
  Tephritinae Gymnosagena sp. nov. Tephritini Gymnosagena sp. nov. Fl_119
  Tephritinae Afraciura quaternaria (Bezzi) Tephrellini Afraciura quaternaria (Bezzi) Fl_94
  Tephritinae Trupanea sp. cf. tubulata Munro Tephritini Trupanea sp. cf. tubulata Munro Fl_133
  Tephritinae Cryptophorellia longicauda Freidberg & Hancock Axiothaumini Cryptophorellia longicauda Freidberg & Hancock Fl_65
  Tephritinae Paraciura perpicillaris (Bezzi) Tephrellini Paraciura perpicillaris (Bezzi) Fl_104
  Tephritinae Pseudafreutreta katangana (Munro) Pliomelaenini Pseudafreutreta katangana (Munro) Pseuderanthemum ludovicianum Fl_80
1 Tephritinae Brachyaciura sp. Tephrellini Brachyaciura sp. Acanthus pubescens, Acanthus eminens Fl_95
  Tephritinae Trupanodesis aurea (Bezzi) Tephritini Trupanodesis aurea (Bezzi) Fl_134
  Tephritinae Bezzina margaritifera (Bezzi) Dithrycini Bezzina margaritifera (Bezzi) Fl_66
  Tephritinae Paraciura sp. Tephrellini Paraciura sp. Fl_105
  Tephritinae Pseudafreutreta sp. nov. Pliomelaenini Pseudafreutreta sp. nov. Fl_81
  Tephritinae Mastigolina sp. nov. nr. bequaerti (Munro) Tephritini Mastigolina sp. nov. nr. bequaerti (Munro) Fl_120
  Tephritinae Dicheniotes katonae (Bezzi) Tephrellini Dicheniotes katonae (Bezzi) Fl_96
  Tephritinae Craspedoxantha polyspila Bezzi Terelliini Craspedoxantha polyspila Bezzi Fl_135
  Tephritinae Stamnophora vernoniicola (Bezzi) Myopitini Stamnophora vernoniicola (Bezzi) Vernonia adoensis Fl_67
  Tephritinae Paraspheniscoides binarius (Loew) var. adeptus (Munro) Tephrellini Paraspheniscoides binarius (Loew) Fl_106
  Tephritinae Stephanotrypeta taeniaptera (Bezzi) Pliomelaenini Stephanotrypeta taeniaptera (Bezzi) Fl_82
  Tephritinae Scedella dissoluta (Loew) Tephritini Scedella dissoluta (Loew) Fl_121
  Tephritinae Dicheniotes turgens Munro Tephrellini Dicheniotes turgens Munro Fl_97
  Tephritinae Craspedoxantha vernoniae Freidberg Terelliini Craspedoxantha vernoniae Freidberg Fl_136
  Tephritinae Stamnophora sp. nov. Myopitini Stamnophora sp. nov. Fl_68
  Tephritinae Pediapelta sp. nov. nr. alexina Munro Tephrellini Pediapelta sp. nov. nr. alexina Munro Fl_107
  Tephritinae Clematochaeta sp. nov. A Schistopterini Clematochaeta sp. nov. Fl_83
  Tephritinae Scedella sp. cf. cyana (Walker) Tephritini Scedella sp. cf. cyana (Walker) Vernonia sp. Fl_122
  Tephritinae Gymnaciura austeni (Munro) Tephrellini Gymnaciura austeni (Munro) Fl_98
  Tephritinae Craspedoxantha yaromi Freidberg Terelliini Craspedoxantha yaromi Freidberg Fl_137
  Tephritinae Spinicosta sp. nov. A Myopitini Spinicosta sp. nov. Vernonia amygdalina Fl_69
  Tephritinae Pediapelta ternaria (Loew) Tephrellini Pediapelta ternaria (Loew) Fl_108
  Tephritinae Clematochaeta sp. nov. B Schistopterini Clematochaeta sp. nov. Fl_84
  Tephritinae Scedella glebosa Munro Tephritini Scedella glebosa Munro Fl_123
  Tephritinae Gymnaciura sp. nov. Tephrellini Gymnaciura sp. nov. Fl_99
  Tephritinae Tephraciura sphenoptera (Bezzi) Tephrellini Tephraciura sphenoptera Fl_109
  Tephritinae Cordylopteryx sp. nov. A Schistopterini Cordylopteryx sp. nov. Fl_85
  Tephritinae Scedella incurva Munro Tephritini Scedella incurva Munro Fl_124
  Tephritinae Spinicosta sp. nov. B Myopitini Spinicosta sp. nov. Vernonia amygdalina Fl_70
  Tephritinae Cordylopteryx sp. nov. B Schistopterini Cordylopteryx sp. nov. Vernonia calvoana Fl_86
  Tephritinae Scedella praetexta (Loew) Tephritini Scedella praetexta (Loew) Fl_125
  Tephritinae Elaphromyia adatha (Walker) Pliomelaenini Elaphromyia adatha (Walker) Fl_71
  Tephritinae Ypsilomena compacta (Bezzi) Tephrellini Ypsilomena compacta (Bezzi) Fl_110
  Tephritinae Eutretosoma sp. nov. A Schistopterini Eutretosoma sp. nov. Fl_87
  Tephritinae Scedella sandoana Munro Tephritini Scedella sandoana Munro Fl_126
  Tephritinae Elaphromyia pallida Bezzi Pliomelaenini Elaphromyia pallida Bezzi Fl_72
  Tephritinae Actinoptera sp. nov. nr. contacta Munro Tephritini Actinoptera sp. nov. nr. contacta Munro Fl_111
  Trypetinae Trirhithrum occipitale Bezzi Dacini Trirhithrum occipitale Bezzi Fl_47
  Trypetinae Dacus punctatifrons Karsch Dacini Dacus punctatifrons Karsch Peponium vogelii, Zehneria scabra Fl_61
1 Trypetinae Taomyia marshalli Bezzi Carpomyini Taomyia marshalli Bezzi Dracaena fragrans Fl_18
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pterandrus) fasciventris (Bezzi) Dacini Ceratitis fasciventris (Bezzi) Rawsonia lucida, Antiaris toxicaria, Psidium guajava, Strombosia scheffleri, Prunus africana, Englerophytum oblanceolatum, Pouteria altissima, Synsepalum brevipes, Solanum mauritianum Fl_32
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum overlaeti Munro Dacini Trirhithrum overlaeti Munro Solanum terminale Fl_48
1 Trypetinae Dacus sphaeristicus Speiser Dacini Dacus sphaeristicus Speiser Fl_62
  Trypetinae Carpophthoromyia amoena Enderlein Dacini Carpophthoromyia amoena Enderlein Fl_19
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pterandrus) flexuosa (Walker) Dacini Ceratitis flexuosa (Walker) Antiaris toxicaria Fl_33
  Trypetinae Coelotrypes pulchellus (Bezzi) Adramini Coelotrypes pulchellus (Bezzi) Fl_9
1 Trypetinae Bactrocera amplexa (Munro) Dacini Bactrocera amplexa (Munro) Strombosia scheffleri Fl_49
1 Trypetinae Dacus telfaireae (Bezzi) Dacini Dacus telfaireae (Bezzi) Fl_63
  Trypetinae Coelotrypes sp. n. vittatus (Bezzi) Adramini Coelotrypes sp. n. vittatus (Bezzi) Astripomoea malvacea Fl_10
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pterandrus) rubivora Coquillett Dacini Ceratitis rubivora Coquillett Rubus apetalus, Rubus niveus, Rubus pinnatus Fl_34
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pterandrus) copelandi Dacini Ceratitis copelandi Synsepalum brevipes Fl_35
1 Trypetinae Celidodacus obnubilus (Karsch) Adramini Celidodacus obnubilus (Karsch) Fl_5
  Trypetinae Coelotrypes sp. nov. A Adramini Coelotrypes sp. nov. Ipomoea t. tenuirostris Fl_13
1 Trypetinae Carpophthoromyia dimidiata Bezzi Dacini Carpophthoromyia dimidiata Bezzi Drypetes gerrardii Fl_20
  Trypetinae Ceratitoides nigromaculatus Hendel Dacini Ceratitoides nigromaculatus Hendel Fl_36
1 Trypetinae Bactrocera munroi White Dacini Bactrocera munroi White Olea welwitschii, Prunus africana Fl_50
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Ceratalaspis) argenteobrunnea Munro Dacini Ceratitis argenteobrunnea Munro Vepris nobilis Fl_21
  Trypetinae Perilampsis sp. Dacini Perilampsis sp. Fl_37
1 Trypetinae Dacus arcuatus Munro Dacini Dacus arcuatus Munro Pergularia daemia Fl_51
  Trypetinae Ceratitis (Ceratalaspis) connexa (Bezzi) Dacini Ceratitis connexa (Bezzi) Synsepalum brevipes Fl_22
  Trypetinae Nippia sp. nov. nr. reticulata Hancock Dacini Nippia sp. nov. nr. reticulata Hancock Fl_38
  Trypetinae Dacus armatus Fabricius Dacini Dacus armatus Fabricius Fl_52
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Ceratalaspis) stictica Bezzi Dacini Ceratitis stictica Bezzi Craterispermum schweinfurthii Fl_23
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum albomaculatum (Röder) Dacini Trirhithrum albomaculatum (Röder) Dovyalis macrocalyx Fl_39
1 Trypetinae Dacus bivittatus (Bigot) Dacini Dacus bivittatus (Bigot) Peponium vogelii Fl_53
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Ceratalaspis) venusta (Munro) Dacini Ceratitis venusta (Munro) Solanum anguivi Fl_24
  Trypetinae Coelopacidia vivax (Munro) Adramini Coelopacidia vivax (Munro) Fl_8
  Trypetinae Coelotrypes sp. cf. inumbratus (Munro) Adramini Coelotrypes sp. cf. inumbratus (Munro) Fl_12
  Trypetinae Dacus croceus Munro Dacini Dacus croceus Munro Fl_54
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Ceratitis) caetrata Munro Dacini Ceratitis caetrata Munro Manilkara butugi, Mimusops bagshawei, Fl_25
3 Trypetinae Trirhithrum coffeae Bezzi Dacini Trirhithrum coffeae Bezzi Coffea eugenioides Fl_40
  Trypetinae Dacus fasciolatus Collart Dacini Dacus fasciolatus Collart Fl_55
2 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Ceratitis) capitata (Wiedemann) Dacini Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) Prunus africana, Manilkara butugi, Mimusops bagshawei Fl_26
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum demeyeri White Dacini Trirhithrum demeyeri White Rawsonia lucida Fl_41
  Trypetinae Dacus humeralis (Bezzi) Dacini Dacus humeralis (Bezzi) Fl_56
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Hoplolophomyia) cristata (Bezzi) Dacini Ceratitis cristata (Bezzi) Vepris nobilis Fl_27
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum fraternum Munro Dacini Trirhithrum fraternum Munro Craterispermum schweinfurthii Fl_42
1 Trypetinae Dacus limbipennis Macquart Dacini Dacus limbipennis Macquart Momordica cissoides, Momordica foetida Fl_57
  Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pardalaspis) bremii Guérin-Meneville Dacini Ceratitis bremii Guérin-Meneville Pouteria altissima Fl_28
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum inscriptum (Graham) Dacini Trirhithrum inscriptum (Graham) Culcasia falcifolia Fl_43
  Trypetinae Dacus macer Bezzi Dacini Dacus macer Bezzi Fl_58
  Trypetinae Coelotrypes sp. nov. B Adramini Coelotrypes sp. nov. Fl_14
  Trypetinae Coelopacidia sp. cf. apicalis Hendel Adramini Coelopacidia sp. cf. apicalis Hendel Fl_7
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pardalaspis) ditissima (Munro) Dacini Ceratitis ditissima (Munro) Chrysophyllum albidum Fl_29
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum meladiscum Munro Dacini Trirhithrum meladiscum Munro Psychotria peduncularis Fl_44
  Trypetinae Dacus maynei Bezzi Dacini Dacus maynei Bezzi Fl_59
  Trypetinae Meracanthomyia antennata Hendel Adramini Meracanthomyia antennata Hendel Fl_15
  Trypetinae Coelotrypes sp. cf. vittatus (Bezzi) Adramini Coelotrypes sp. cf. vittatus (Bezzi) Astripomoea malvacea Fl_11
  Trypetinae Trirhithrum micans Munro Dacini Trirhithrum micans Munro Fl_45
  Trypetinae Coelopacidia sp. Adramini Coelopacidia sp. Fl_6
  Trypetinae Trypanophion sp. cf. gigas Bezzi Adramini Trypanophion sp. cf. gigas Bezzi Fl_16
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pardalaspis) hamata De Meyer Dacini Ceratitis hamata De Meyer Synsepalum cerasiferum Fl_30
1 Trypetinae Trirhithrum nigrum (Graham) Dacini Trirhithrum nigrum (Graham) Culcasia falcifolia Fl_46
  Trypetinae Dacus notalaxus Munro Dacini Dacus notalaxus Munro Fl_60
  Trypetinae Notomma sp. (mutilum group) Carpomyini Notomma sp. (mutilum group) Fl_17
1 Trypetinae Ceratitis (Pterandrus) anonae Graham Dacini Ceratitis anonae Graham Rawsonia lucida, Tiliacora funifera, Antiaris toxicaria, Morus mesozygia, Psidium guajava, Strombosia scheffleri, Leptactina platyphylla, Englerophytum oblanceolatum, Pouteria altissima, Synsepalum brevipes, Solanum mauritianum Fl_31
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Literature sources:
  1. Copeland, R. S., W. Okeka, A. Freidberg, B. Merz, I. M. White, M. de Meyer & Q. Luke (2005) Fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) of Kakamega Forest, Kenya. Journal of East African Natural History 94(2): 247–278.